Election Results for the Upcoming 2023-2024 Class Governments –Old and New Faces Making an Appearance!

Election Results for the Upcoming 2023-2024 Class Governments --Old and New Faces Making an Appearance!

Victoria Miele, Reporter

 On Thursday, June 8, 2023 elections were held for the class governments for the classes of 2024 (rising seniors), 2025, and 2026 and the results are in!


The class of 2024 has had the same four students representing their class on the e-board for the past three years and their senior year will be no different. 


Tyler Witzgall is the returning president, Marielle Howlett is the returning vice president, returning secretary is Abigail Barnaby, and Alaina Garcia is the returning treasurer.


When asked how he felt about being elected class president, Tyler said, “I feel honored to be elected consecutively for four years and represent this class so we can accomplish our goals for our senior year”.


The class of 2024 student government has worked incredibly hard with their advisors Catherine Brow and Richard Barnaby to raise money to have a successful senior year and hold events to make lasting memories for the rising senior class.


In regards to the class of 2025, the new president is Joseph Marcus Dolmeiis.


The upcoming school year will be Joseph’s first year serving as president of the class of 2025.


The returning vice president is Darranise Hunter, new secretary Alana Marchetti and for the second year in a row, Dominic Carr will be the treasurer.


“I am excited for the new administration,” said 2025 class advisor Larissa Murphy.


Under the advisors Daryl Robichaud and Larissa Murphy, the rising juniors will work hard to raise enough money to hold their first prom!


There are a lot of fresh faces in the government of the class of 2026.


Roy Mwangi is the new president, Tuan Nguyen is the vice president, Miriam Dieng is the Secretary and Stacey Kwende is the treasurer.


Being a class officer is a big commitment as they are responsible for planning and running school events such as proms, powder puff, class trips, and class gifts, as well as reunions in the years to come.

Congratulations to all of the new and returning class officers!