Mr. Smith Goes to Athol


Rachel Lopez and Olivia Carr

Nick Smith ponders his future

Rachel Lopez and Olivia Carr

Former Leominster High school alumni and current health teacher,  Nick Smith is officially transferring to Athol Community Elementary School to join their Administration team. 

Smith has been a part of the LHS community since September of 1993, and ever since he has been powerfully impacting the lives of countless students.

 He began his journey with Leominster Public Schools on December 12, 2012, when he was hired at South East school, which is now Frances Drake.

Throughout his time here in Leominster  he has been a sub separate ABA tutor for kindergarten, sub separate 3-5 teacher, then from there he went off to become a lead tutor, ABA technician at Skyview Middle School. Then he became an ABA tutor at Leominster High School, and a life skills teacher, which led him to the job that he is currently in now, as a Health teacher.

 Some of Smith’s major achievements at LHS were helping an uncountable number of students to have a good day. He helped found The Blue Devil Culture Committee along with a few other students. He hopes the committee continues on after its first inaugural year. The purpose of this committee is to help improve the school culture and to make the environment  way more inclusive and safer. 

Smith plans on attending Athol Community Elementary School  this upcoming fall. 

 “He brought something special to the school, and his absence will leave a hole in the school community,”  said school nurse  Katrina Couture.  

“He is a big part of the culture and positive spirit at LHS,” said LHS Principal Dr. Joshua Romano. 

Smith has left a mark on countless students during his time at LHS. His  passion for teaching and commitment  toward students’ growth has inspired and influenced many students’ minds both inside and outside the classroom. His positivity and energy will be definitely missed in A wing, known as  “ The Happiest Place on earth” by many.

“I’m going to miss the kids the most, those who I made bonds with for many years, and those I met this year. I’m really going to miss my team of A wing, holding down the hallways in a different ways such as singing and dancing, making them feel happy to come to school, and  I’m going to miss Appleseed’s restaurant’s delicious meals,” said Smith.

Nick Smith ponders his future (Rachel Lopez and Olivia Carr)