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New Road to Back Fields and Beyond

Flooding Forces Road to be Opened on Kingman

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is another story in the series about the effects the historic flooding had on Leominster. On Sep 11, 2023 as we know, Leominster experienced heavy rains that caused significant flooding and eventually damaged our city, and a state of emergency was declared. 

Due to the excessive flooding, the bridge that connects one of the neighborhoods near LHS on Exchange St. washed away, leaving the 3 houses on that block trapped for a decent amount of time. 

 A temporary road from Kingman Drive to the residential houses was put in the works. On Sep 16, 2023, construction began in the back practice field of the high school allowing a direct route from Kingman Drive to the residences that were part of Exchange St.

Due to the placement of the temporary road and where it is located, we worried it might interfere with future developments, such as the new alumni track field that will be located in the back fields behind the school. 

During an interview with Athletic Director  David Palazzi, he stated that the road is temporary and “it is a good sign because they’re going to end up digging that up anyway to build our field”, 

Palazzi also stated that they expect to break ground on the track in the Spring of 2024.

Up next — Take a look at what our new track will look like.

A new temporary road has been created from Kingman Drive through the upper fields behind the school. (Brayden )



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Brayden Bergeron, Reporter

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