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What Are The Students Eating?

A look at the offerings in the LHS cafeteria

EDITORS NOTE: In a completely unscientific survey. the Devil’s Advocate surveyed several students to determine what their favorite and least favorite lunches were in the cafeteria. Here are their answers. 

School lunch has many different options to choose from.

All week, lunch ladies serve their main meal of the day. The other alternatives being pizza, salads, and burgers.

Sides are also available, like apple slices, fruit cups, vegetables, and raisins.

Chips, cookies, and ice cream are available to buy at the deli. But with all these options, school lunch is still frowned upon. How come? What should the lunch crew start making, and what should they stop making?

It is a common opinion that the school lunch is somewhat bland, too ‘nutritious’, and doesn’t look the tastiest. Some even describe it as “mystery meat.” But after speaking with many people, the Devil’s Advocate came up with a list of what people seem to like, and what they seem to dislike. 

The most popular meal was the popcorn chicken – Or really anything that included chicken. 

Wings, fried chicken, chicken nuggets, chicken sandwiches, buffalo chicken, pretty much just chicken were the most popular answers.

After speaking more with these students, the other great thing about serving chicken were the sides that came with it. Chicken is usually served with sides of corn, mashed potatoes, fries, or mac and cheese. Which coincidentally, is also many people’s favorite sides.

So all together, it’s a good lunch meal that most students would actually stand in line to get. 

The least popular meal was the sloppy joe. Many students say that if sloppy joe was served that day, they would just skip getting lunch. 

Other disliked meals included the riblet sandwich, meatballs and spaghetti, and the fried rice. Another unpopular meal was the eggs, which is served for lunch on half days. One student described it as the “cubed egg.” 

They weren’t wrong.

Scrambled eggs at LHS, also known to some students as “the cubed egg”

Although there are mixed opinions on school lunches, it is important that students are fed.

Overall, staff should consider serving more chicken in many varieties, including their popular sides like fries and mac and cheese.

Lunch that should be served less frequently should be the sloppy joes, riblet sandwiches, the eggs, and everything listed above.

Either way, remember to always thank your staff.

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