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LHS Offers a Wide Variety of AP Courses
Isabella Armstrong Talks AP with the Devil’s Advocate

There are 23 AP courses available for LHS students.

 At the beginning of May many juniors and seniors are preparing and taking their AP exams. 

The Devil’s Advocate interviewed 3 LHS seniors about their exams. 

Andrea Daly who took AP Language and AP World History her junior year and AP Literature and Composition this year, Minna Segura who took AP Literature and Composition, and Isabella Armstrong who took AP Literature and Composition and AP Computer Science.

These students explained how they prepared, what they liked and disliked, and how they thought they did. 

Students want to do well on these exams as they could count as college credit for certain classes when they enroll in college. 



  • There are 23 AP courses
  • There are 150 AP students taking 274 AP exams
  • The district supports students taking their AP exams by paying for their AP exams
  • The scoring is 1-5, 5 being the highest 1 being the lowest
  • College board runs the AP program and here at the high school Megan Deinnocentis is the coordinator and the other guidance counselors proctor the exam
  • They based their courses off of student interest and the school is lucky that we have so many courses
  • They have some students taking their courses on virtual high school seeing they might not be offered at LHS because enrollment in a particular course may be low.
  • LHS biggest AP course is AP biology with 40 students taking AP biology
  • They have some single exams like one person taking AP microeconomics
  • We have several students who are AP scholars because they earned high scores
  • If the student gets a good grade on the AP exam the college will sometimes exempt them from taking a college class.
  • We have some students who will take 1 AP class and then we will have some students who take as many as 4 AP classes, 4 being the highest number of classes and exams a student here this year will take.
  • This year all of our AP exams are paper pencil exams, so no scantrons and that’s how it always been. But college board is moving towards digital testing.
  • Calculus is an example like that has to be paper pencil
  • The schedule for AP exams was decided through college board so this is a national schedule.


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