Looming Budget Cuts Raise Concerns Among Students

Zachary Mitchell

On Tuesday night, May 30th, to a packed LHS auditorium, Superintendent Jim Jolicoeur discussed district cuts to 96 full-time equivalent employees to save over $3.2 million in an effort to reduce the nearly $5 million budget deficit.

The discussion with students, parents, and teachers received overwhelmingly negative feedback, as many spoke out against the changes.

While there are cuts district wide, Leominster High School alone faces layoffs to three deans, 3 CTEi instructors, and 10.6 teachers (not including 5 teachers who are retiring or leaving). In addition the district will  lose 28 custodians, eight paraprofessionals, 11 secretaries, two tutors, and .8 nurses.

The district also faces a potential 50% cut to extracurricular activities, including sports, to save nearly $300 thousand. These cuts would result in no freshmen or JV sports. Plus a reduction in AP courses.

This proposed budget, if passed, would go into effect next year.