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Wrestling: Small Team with Big Plans

Elizabeth Larson, Reporter

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Leominster’s school wrestling team has struggled this season against new opponents because of having a lack of players. Having such few players, the team hasn’t been able to participate in many weight classes, causing them to drop out.

Head coach James Sheehan spoke on this problem.

“Because we have a very small team, we usually have to forfeit a lot of weight classes. So our chances of winning are limited,”.said Coach Sheehan.

The team’s low membership has caused them to have to forfeit over their past six matches, making their record one win in five losses. However, Sheehan has hope. The players he does have on the team who do compete have had much success.

“We have a lot of kids who do well individually,”said Sheehan


Sheehan, along with the other coaches, are hopeful to expand the team by recruiting more members. The practices are hard work, but they still manage to remain fun for the players.

Some of the players weigh in their thoughts about their goals and how the coaches have been with their small team this season.

“I`m looking forward to being able to really learn a lot and see how hard I can push myself and improve throughout the season,” said LHS senior Maicie Wild.

“It is a very proud moment because you know your coach is proud of you and your teammates are proud of you,” added LHS senior Dmitri Gagnon.

Sheehan works hard to be sure his team feels the success of their accomplishments because he feels that is important in such a small team. As long as they improve, that’s what matters most to him.

“I look to improve my wrestlers. I try to make them better. I don’t have personal goals in terms of wins and losses,”said Sheehan

With these ideologies in mind, Coach Sheehan remains hopeful that come next year the team will have more people interested to join to build a larger, more expanded team.





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Wrestling: Small Team with Big Plans