LHS Students Get a Taste of Italy


Kayla Morey

The Entrance to Eataly Boston

Kayla Morey , Reporter

BOSTON- Student in the Italian 3 and Honors Italian 4 class went on a field trip to Eataly Boston on Monday October 15.

On the trip the students learned about different types of food in different regions. They also learned how to make fresh pasta.

Students also got to taste a number of different types of food including fresh made mozzarella, cannoli, and gelato.

Kayla Morey
The Entrance to Eataly Boston
Student dine in at one of the many restaurants in Eataly where they ate “family style”. They were served fresh made pizza and pasta.
Students trying Italian candies
The many types of fresh pasta available.
Double Espresso with Cocoa and Espresso with Hot Chocolate