Fire at LHS?

Regan Mota, Reporter

As some students were sitting down to second lunch on Thursday, March 23, 2023, at around 11:05 AM, a fire alarm rang out forcing the students to abondon their meals and classes and evacuate Leominster High. 

The Leominster Fire Department was on the scene almost immediately after the alarm went off. 

Instead of a typical fire drill, this was a real evacuation due to a possible “short circuiting electrical wire causing a gas smell,” said LHS Senior Amanda Sobrinho, who was with the Principal when the alarm was pulled.   

Students reported smelling the gas-like scent around the main school entrance and around B wing. 

Some teachers were discussing that they “knew it wasn’t a drill, because we don’t have fire drills during lunch period.”

After around 20 minutes outside, and three fire trucks, students were allowed back in the building to complete the school day.

Fire Trucks in front of LHS for a possible electrical fire. (Regan Mota)

LHS students and staff wait in the parking lot during the alarm. (Regan Mota)