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FOOD REVIEW: What’s the Better Cheddar Popcorn?

Brayden Bergeron
The Devil’s Advocate Taste Tested 4 Brands of Cheddar Popcorn. Which deserved the rank of “kernel?”

So you are trying to watch a movie at home due to overcrowding at the movie theater and you are trying to buy a great brand of popcorn to enjoy while watching. We have an option between Skinny Pop, Lesser Evil, Cheetos Popcorn, and Smartfood. I will be reviewing each brand to show you which one is the most enjoyable.

Coming in last and for good reason is Lesser Evil! In terms of how it looks it passes due to its basic looks, but don’t let that fool you into thinking that it is a good brand of popcorn. Its taste is way too sweet to be considered normal popcorn. It has a mix of cheddar and candy that doesn’t go well and shouldn’t go well in general. The only thing going for it is it’s the lowest in calories (40 cal.) and the cheapest here, so for the rare group of “people” who enjoy this, your weight and wallet will thank you. 0/10!

Coming in 3rd is Skinny Pop. Not much to say, but it is basically just an edible version of Lesser Evil. The smell of the food is really strong for no reason and is the whitest looking of the entire group. As for taste, it’s like I was chewing air; there was nothing special about the popcorn. It has the least flavor which makes sense when you factor in its low-calorie count, and second lowest price on the list. 3/10!

Coming in 2nd place we have Cheetos popcorn which most of you probably don’t even know is a thing. Appearance wise, it’s basically just miniature Cheetos which is probably not the ideal snack for watching a movie in my opinion. I rate it so high on the list due to my bias towards cheddar. The cheddar itself carried the entire snack and made me believe that it wasn’t even popcorn anymore. On the downside, it’s the most calorie dense popcorn (80 cal.) and the most expensive. I don’t believe it’s worth the price especially when you’re trying to eat popcorn, not Cheetos Lite. 7/10!

Coming in at number one we have Smartfood. It has the best taste I’ve ever had for unbuttered popcorn. It doesn’t lean too hard on cheddar cheese for taste and it’s not overly sweet like a certain popcorn brand I’ve eaten. Only being the second highest price and calories for the taste, I think it is a steal in my opinion. This popcorn brand is a solid 10/10. 

If you’re looking for the perfect popcorn to eat while watching a movie, Smartfood has definitely lived up to its name as being the smartest option for a snack!

We lined up all 4 brands for a test test. (Brayden Bergeron)


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Delvin Quansah
Delvin Quansah, Reporter
Delvin Quansah is a 16-year-old Junior in LHS. He is an athlete who runs track for the LHS Blue Devils. His favorite subjects include math and science. He enjoys outdoor activities whenever there's free time from a long day at school. After senior year, he hopes to study computer science in college. He took Journalism because he wanted to explore the perspective of being a news reporter and the skill that comes with writing news stories.
Brayden Bergeron
Brayden Bergeron, Reporter

Brayden, a high school senior at Leominster High School, decided to take up Journalism because he found it interesting and thought it would be a cooler alternative to a regular English class. Additionally, some of his friends recommended it, which influenced his choice. In this class, Brayden aims to level up his writing skills, hoping that it will pay off in the future. Apart from his academic pursuits, he has a keen interest in design, a passion for music, and cherishes spending time with friends. His multifaceted interests hint at an exciting and well-rounded high school experience.

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