EDITORIAL: The Pitfalls of the Pandemic

EDITORIAL: The Pitfalls of the Pandemic

Sydney Getty, Reporter

Imagine families starving, and having no toilet paper. Children, students, falling behind in their school work.

The level of precautions taken can be seen as necessary but people out there are hoarding materials, buying extreme amounts of food and water, and over-worrying themselves.

How much food do you buy regularly? Working at our local supermarket as a cashier,  it’s been observed that the highest order costs to range between $200-$300. However, with the coronavirus, the highest order totals I’ve seen range anywhere between $400-$800.

Stores have to set limits on the amount of water people are buying. But stores are running out of cleaning products, such as sprays, sanitizers and toilet paper. Not to mention how much food is being purchased.

Pasta, rice, easy-to-make meals sold out, nothing but barren shelves. 

School closings are causing additional panic. While it’s an effective idea to “social distance” themselves for a while, adults with young children still need to work. Who can watch their children? That is if their jobs do not shut down during this process. 

Students now have individualized learning courses from their teachers. While it’s the best the education system can do, this requires students to take their own initiative. Being at home can cause students to care less about their work and fall severely behind. This is crucial for seniors, as grades need to remain high to get into college. Senior graduations for 2020 may be pushed off along with other activities that students have been looking forward to since freshman year.

Yes, the school shut down is an effective way to keep students safe as long as they also partake in social distancing. I think that the government should advise people not to panic and give out tips on how to filter tap water and make the most out of food and encourage parents to keep watch on their kids and make sure their work is being done just as it would in school. 

We can not come through this if we do not all work together.