Girls Flag Football Off to Strong Start

Jared Viola, Reporter

The Leominster High School Girls Flag Football team opened up their season 2-0 on Thursday, April 27, 2023.

The girls play two games, both games with 20 minute halves with running time. 

The first game to start their season was against their rivalry Fitchburg High School. Fitchburg, having an experienced coach and a couple experienced players, Leominster only won that game 12-0.

LHS Senior Kay’don Austin, who wears #25, scored the first touchdown of the Leominster Girls Flag Football team.

Kay’don Austin said “I felt like I was making the city of Leominster proud, and all the fans that showed up for us.”

The second game was against Woburn High School. They stopped keeping track of the score after Leominster turned the score into 40-0 and didn’t even get to play the second half.

The list of girls that scored were LHS Sophomore  #7 Jaliany Santiago, LHS Senior #22 Maddie Paine, LHS Freshman #4 Jazzy Vazquez, LHS Junior #11 Ashley McMenemy, LHS Senior #10 Melina Montalvo, and  Samoset Middle Schooler  #1 Hailey Jimenez.

Captain LHS Senior Kali Reed said after both games “I felt confident that we were going to have a successful season and those games showed that we work very well together as a team.”

In Week 2 the girls traveled to Chelsea High School and played another two games. 

During this week they played the Needham Rockets and St. Mary’s.

Needham seemed to be another effortless game after Leominster’s Girls won 32-0.

St. Mary’s was a great matchup with both teams being 3-0 going into this game. St. Mary’s ended the game on top after shutting out Leominster 0-19.

Melina Montalvo who is one of Leominster’s primary scorers said “It felt terrible to lose, but at least it wasn’t in the championship, good competition we will get them next time I promise you that.”

In Week 3 Leominster traveled again to Chelsea High School and faced The Peabody Tanners and the Ayer Shirley Panthers. 

Leominster beat Peabody like it was nothing with a score of 35-0 and then went on to win their second game against Ayer Shirley 26-7.

The Leominster Blue Devils will travel to Ayer Shirley on May 18, where they will play Chelsea and Woburn.

The team huddles before their inaugural game at Doyle Field (Melony Letarte)