Senioritis Strikes Early This Year

Senioritis Strikes Early This Year

Alice Miranda, Reporter

There are vaccines for the flu and treatments for a number of maladies. But there is an infection spreading across the halls of LHS and only the sun of May can cure it.

It is visible in the late cars pulling into the senior parking area, and the large number of assignments missing on students’ grade books. Let’s face it — Leominster High School seniors are suffering from a really bad case of senioritis and it’s only the beginning of the second term.

After 12 years of school, and with graduation so close it might be easy to forget there are still 3 terms left in the school year. Having to repeat the same high school routine for four years can make students tired and want something new.

LHS Senior Nico Cordio said “I’ve been going through so much work in school that I just want to give up.”

“I have senioritis because I’ve been through the most my high school years and I want a new start,” added LHS Senior Gianna Salvi.

Many students have applied to early action to some colleges and they may feel like they are already done for the year once they get that acceptance letter.

“A lot of people have already applied to colleges so they start to not care,” said LHS Senior Cameron Prescott.

But  with students grades  slowly dropping due to the lack of motivation, they could put that acceptance at risk.

Other students are just finding this year to be very stressful.

LHS Senior Ashley Santana said “I think I have senioritis because this school has gotten worse over the years and this is the most stressful year and we just want to leave.”  Ashley said she felt as if the attendance strictness has gotten worse over the years.

The dean from the school is responsible for calling students down due to attendance and tardies. There is a rule that if you get more than 5 tardies, you get a detention and if you have 10 tardies, you will get an I.S.S. (In School Suspension).

David Bachant,  LHS Vice Principal said he has noticed “seniors are getting in trouble for poor attendance, for being tardy, and I keep telling everybody that the state holds us accountable for attendance. It affects the rating of our school so they have to be here.”

Bachant had some advice for those suffering from the seasonal disease.

“I always say ‘Push hard now and relax on April vacation.’ You don’t want to be relaxed now and then pulling yourself the last five weeks.”

Don’t bother the school nurse for senioritis. There is no specific treatment. “There is no treatment, the only cure is graduating,” she said.

Let’s hope the seniors will be able to survive the next few months of school. Graduation this year is June 6.


Alice Miranda
Senior Cheering Section