Leominster’s Day at the Special Olympics


Shari Duffy

Blue Devil Nation gives a proper send of to the Special Olympians.

Isabella Nevard and Stella Fyfe

This past Friday, the Leominster High School Blue Devils participated in the Special Olympics at Doyle Field.

Pete Charpentier, head of physical education in the life skills program, commented, “The Special Olympics school day event is a great opportunity for our students to demonstrate the hard work they put in throughout the year.” 

The Special Olympics have been going on in Leominster for over 20 years and restarted this year after a short pause during COVID. 

Senior Matthew Catoni participated in his last Olympic games, running the 40-yard dash and many other events. 

Catoni said, “Since it’s my last Special Olympics it makes me emotional, and I am going to miss my friends a lot.”

Like Catoni, this was Junior Brevette’s last Special Olympics as well. 

When asked about his favorite part of the Special Olympics, Brevette responded, “I just like hanging out with all my friends, they’re like my family.” 

The boys value the experience of the Special Olympics because of the quality time spent with their friends, with some even saying the collaborative lunch is their favorite part of the day. 

The Special Olympics creates a competitive environment that gives every kid a chance to showcase their own individual talents in events like shotput, the 40-yd dash and the long jump.

In years past, a school wide sendoff happened at LHS prior to the games, but this year, along with the students lining the halls in true Blue Devil style, almost 50 kids also accompanied the life skills students to Doyle Field to cheer them on. 

More coverage of the sights and sounds of the event below. Video produced by Stella Fyfe and Isabella Nevard