Olivia Martinez Reynolds, Reporter

A day that occurs only once every four years, February 29th. It is often non-existing, but this is a leap year- 2020, and we are fortunate enough to have it.

“An extra day, everyone take advantage of it,” said Mr. John Rooney, math teacher at Leominster High School.

Leap year is put in place so that our yearly calendars can be best synchronized with the solar calendar as the the earth’s complete orbit is actually 365 and ¼ days. Hence why every four years an extra calendar day is given. 

What may just feel like an ordinary day is actually a grand experience that will not come around again until the year 2024. 

“Everyday is a day to be grateful for, but days like these just remind you of how much,” said LHS Junior Emily Olivera.

Leap day babies are also in for a treat as they can finally celebrate their birthday, February 29th, on the actual date- which has not been able to happen since 2016. 

The weather forecast for this year’s leap day in Leominster, is an estimated high of 33 degrees, and a low of 17. Partly cloudy- but sunny. Perfect weather for any endeavor. 

So whatever you do, do it with even more intent, extra grace, and a thankful heart that an “extra” day of life is being given to experience. Make it a great one.